The spirit is being renewed daily.

A Call To The Remnant

The older I get, I am now in my 50s, the more I appreciate everything that is around me. I love the little birds that come and feed from the feeder. All day long, back and forward, scattering and finding their favorite part of the feed. I watch the pieces cascade down in the sunlight. I love my neighbor’s cat Poppy, who saunters across the cul-de-sac, off to who knows where, him and his missing tail. He had it removed many years ago after wearing a lamp shade for six months which failed to stop him chewing on his tail, but it never slowed him down. I love the flowers and I carefully tend them. I look for rose-buds and I anticipate their coming beauty. I water the grass on hot summer days because the lawn seems to be calling out. I watch the tall trees blowing back and forward…

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The great tragedy of the Sunday morning service!

A Call To The Remnant

The most important crisis facing the Body of Christ is the Sunday morning service. It really helps to know a little bit about the history of the early church and what it looked like. For the most part it would be in houses or for special occasions if there was more than one house gathering in a town or city, they would come together in an open field, especially if someone like Paul was coming. The gathering was just that, and there was a meal. Breaking bread meant just that, it did not mean a communion wafer and a ritualized affair. People were actually together, hanging out, singing hymns, sharing, giving testimony, asking for prayer. This thing called “the church service,” is something that morphed out of that. Bottom line, it really was not that complicated, the most important aspect of the gathering was that the Holy Spirit was there…

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The sign gifts have fallen into disuse.

A Call To The Remnant

It is well for us to consider here that religious people are prone to select a favorite Bible doctrine or truth and to hold to that one truth at the expense of other basic tenets. We may overemphasize important truths so as to obscure other important truth which may actually disappear as a result. This is what I mean by a truth disappearing-it falls into disuse and therefore is easily forgotten. I would illustrate this.

Suppose there is one key on the piano that is not properly attached and it gives forth no sound when it is struck. The pianist is sure to be wincing when he strikes that key and nothing happens. If you would photograph the keyboard, that key would be in its proper place in the picture, but it will not produce any sound no matter how hard you touch it. That is an illustration of what…

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We shall not go quietly

A Call To The Remnant

After 40 years in the wilderness Moses is ready. When he took off his shoes at the burning bush, Moses is removing the world from him and acknowledging a holy God. God was working and the backdrop to that working is banishment, wilderness dwelling and slavery. God refines His people in the fire. The fire is the reaction of the world to a redeemed and holy people. Do you remember why the Hebrew children were forced into the fire? They refused to bow down to the gods of this world. They defied the powers that be and were willing to die rather than bow the knee to the gods of this world. This is a spiritual principle played out down through the corridors of time.

Christ is coming back in all His glory in the sky. There is great movement in the heavenlies and the principalities and powers know that…

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You cannot run forward while you’re looking back

A Call To The Remnant

God has made many promises to His people yet much of Christendom has failed to possess the promises of Christ which are yes and amen. The failure is our part for God is faithful to those who are diligent in His pursuit. We want to partake of the glories but we do not want to partake in the humiliations. We want abundant life in Christ but we are not willing to take up our cross and die. We desire the feast but we have no stomach for the fasting.

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. We praise God with our lives, we praise God with our desire to follow Him. We praise God when we can glorify Him even when we are hungry, when we are naked, when we walk through the valley’s and walk through the fires and the floods. God is looking for a people to…

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What is true Christianity and why do we need the refiners fire?

A Call To The Remnant

In essence the question becomes, and has been a question asked down through the centuries, what is real Christianity? What is the Gospel? Who are the saints? William Wilberforce was famous for his friendship with John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace and of course for being responsible for slavery being banned in the British empire. He and Newton and others like them were despised by most of the “Sunday go to church,” crowd. They referred to Newton and Wilberforce and others as “enthusiasts.”

It was not a term of endearment, it was a hateful term. What Wilberforce is less famous for is the book he wrote entitled “Real Christianity.” I guarantee you that if Wilberforce were alive today and wrote that book today he would not be invited to speak at most of our modern-day western churches. He speaks against self-serving and culturally relevant churches, in the language of the…

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And then the hammer falls

A Call To The Remnant

As I was walking and praying yesterday, I thought about an incident my wife and I witnessed last year. We were sitting at a traffic light of one of the busiest intersections in the city where we live. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving. It was a baby bunny rabbit. Somehow it had managed to cross this street which was an absolute miracle. Now it was stuck at the curb which was only about six inches high. It kept jumping up and almost getting it and then falling back down. I thought about jumping out of the car and running over and helping it but I knew the light was going to change any second.

As my wife and I watched, engrossed and rooting for the bunny, with one big effort it somehow managed to get up and we were cheering as we watched it…

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