Intellectuals vrs Truth Seekers


Up till now there could be no question as yet of a sharp confrontation between two world views. Conflict is therefore an ill-chosen term for what is actually happening between the intellectuals and serious seekers for the Truth.

All that has so far taken place has consisted of one-sided attacks by the intellectuals, which to any dispassionate observer must appear obviously unfounded and often absurd. Scorn, hostility, and even persecution of a most serious kind await all those who seek to develop themselves higher in a purely spiritual sense, even when they maintain silent reserve. There are always some who try by ridicule or force to pull back and drag down such aspiring ones to the dull insensibility or hypocrisy of the masses.

Thus many were bound to become actual martyrs, because not only the masses but therewith also the earthly power has been on the side of the intellectuals. What these have to offer is already clearly indicated in the word “intellect”. That is: A narrowing of the range of the perceptive capacity to purely earthly matters, and thus to the minutest part of real existence.

By intellectuals are to be understood those who have unconditionally submitted themselves to their own intellect. These people, strange to say, have for thousands of years believed that they had an absolute right to impose their limited convictions by law and by force also upon those who wished to live according to another conviction. This utterly illogical presumption again lies only in the intellectuals’ narrow perceptive capacity, which is incapable of lifting itself higher. This very limitation brings them a so-called peak of comprehension, whereby such presumptions are bound to arise in the imagination, because they believe they really are standing on the utmost height. This is actually true so far as they are concerned, since they have arrived at the boundary which they cannot cross. But their attacks on seekers for the Truth, so often inexplicably malevolent, clearly show on closer observation the whip of the Darkness brandished behind them.

The word must be examined, not the person! It is a habit of the intellectuals to seek always to regard the person first, and then to consider whether they can listen to his words. Owing to the narrow limitation of their perceptive capacity, these people need such an outward hold, because they must cling to externals to prevent them from becoming confused. Indeed just this is the hollow structure which they erect, which is inadequate for men and a great hindrance to their advancement.

tumblr_mfgmxkYQPa1qljfm7o1_400Knowledge about the development of religions, with all the errors and faults, does not bring men nearer to their God, and just as little does the intellectual interpretation of the Bible or of other valuable writings of the different religions.

The intellect is and remains bound to time and space, that is to say earthbound; whereas the Godhead, and thus also the recognition of God and His Will, are above time and space and above all that is transitory, and therefore can never be grasped by the narrowly-confined intellect.

For this simple reason the intellect is not called upon to bring enlightenment in eternal values. Indeed it would be a contradiction. Therefore he who in these matters boasts of university qualifications, and would look down upon those who are not so influenced, thereby declares his own incompetence and limitation. Thinking people will at once sense intuitively the one-sidedness, and use caution against him who cautions them in such a manner!

Only those who are called can be true teachers. Called ones are those who carry the ability within them. These abilities, however, do not ask for university training, but for the vibrations of a refined intuitive faculty, able to soar above time and space, thus beyond the limit of comprehension by the earthly intellect. Moreover, any inwardly free man will always assess a matter or a teaching according to what it brings, not according to who brings it. The latter is the strongest possible evidence of his unfitness to be an investigator. Gold is gold, whether a prince or a beggar holds it in his hand.

But the hour is not far distant when a conflict, which has been lacking as yet, must now break out. The one-sidedness will end, and a sharp confrontation will follow which will destroy all false presumption. –The Grail Message | The Conflict.


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