The Grail Message | The Antichrist

Men! When the hour comes in which, according to the Divine Will, the purification and winnowing must take place on earth, then watch for the predicted and partly supernatural signs in the sky!

Do not then allow yourselves to be confused by those men and also churches who have already long ago surrendered to Antichrist. It is sad that until now not even the churches have known where to look for this Antichrist, although he has already been active among all men for so long. If they had only been a little on the alert they must have recognized it! Who can possibly act in a more anti-Christian manner than those who at that time fought against Christ Himself and finally also murdered Him! Who could have revealed themselves in a worse and also more obvious way as antagonistic to Christ!

No wonder, then, that he could penetrate to the altars, and that representatives of earthly religions, also of the Christian churches, were bound to become his victims. For they too expect the Antichrist just before the predicted Judgement.

They were the leaders and representatives of earthly religion; and the true teaching of God, as revealed in and through the Son of God, did not agree with what they had built up. Indeed, the true Message of God could not be reconciled with it, because the structure set up by priestly dignitaries was aimed at earthly influence, earthly power and expansion.

They proved quite clearly thereby that they were servants of the human intellect, which is directed solely towards earthly knowledge and earthly power, and is hostile and obstructive to everything that lies beyond earthly comprehension! Now since God remains completely outside the range of earthly intellectual knowledge, as also does the spiritual, the intellect is clearly the only real obstacle thereto! Thus by its nature it is opposed to all that is Divine and all that is spiritual! And with it logically therefore all men who acknowledge their intellect as of paramount importance, and seek to build only upon that! Continue reading at The Grail Message | The Antichrist.


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