To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

Ken is very poor and does not have money for food so he normally steals from the grocery store down the street to feed himself. Ben isn’t poor whatsoever but also normally steals from that very grocery store just for the fun of it. If for instance the punishment for stealing is death, considering the above situation, which of the two deserve to die? The one who steals because he needs it or the one who steals for the fun of it? Or both? Or neither? Most people would go for the head of the rude person who steals for the fun of it, but really haven’t they both committed the same sin and hence deserve equal judgement?

I bet Ken would be ready to stone Ben to death should the need arise, forgetting that he also steals. That is exactly what we constantly do, creating excuses for our mistakes and iniquities but ready pass judgement on anyone who commits that same sin. Was Ken right to steal because he needed it and therefore has the right to pass judgement on Ben for also stealing?

We are quick to comment or pass judgement on the wrong-doings of others.. meanwhile, we may be struggling with that very same sin.

Someone may judge harshly another person who say kills a man, forgetting that he/she may have committed several abortions; isn’t that also killing? -I use he/she” because anyone who aides another in committing a sin also commits a sin- If we are willing to judge harshly/persecute someone for a wrong-doing, what do we think the Lord God would do to us when we commit the same sin?

How often are we willing to forgive someone when we are offended? Most often than not, we want the Lord God to forgive us of our iniquities but we aren’t very willing to reciprocate that forgiveness unto someone else. We often say “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us” but do we really know what we’re saying? Do we think they’re just some random words we’re saying? -(Matthew 6:14-15). We think the words in the Bible are just some random words put together? Someone accidentally steps on our toes and we burst out angrily, ready to curse the fellow as if we’ve never stepped on anyone’s toes before. Remember the woman from the Bible everyone was ready to stone to death for committing adultery and the reply Christ gave? Matthew 7:1-2, John 8:7 and Luke 6:37 teach us to forgive others rather than judge them.

Let us learn to forgive one another, unless we don’t seek forgiveness from the Lord God. And the spirit of forgiveness is a gift we can only get from the Lord God himself. We can’t forgive if we don’t have love, for love leads us to the forgive others -1 Corinthians 13:4-6.


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