Is there any prophetic relationship between ISIS, The Pope, and the time of the End?

Pope Francis waves to crowds as he arrives to his inauguration mass on 19 March 2013.         isis-army-700x430

In recent weeks we have seen the development of a crisis that is fulfilling bible prophecy. Presently the media has been filled with pictures of a militant terrorists group called ISIS. Where is it headed (the murders, the be-headings, the great atrocities) ? How will these type of tragedies be brought to a halt? Will we see another world war? Notice the following inspired quotation:

“The world is filled with storm and war and variance. Yet under one head–the papal power–the people will unite to oppose God in the person of His witnesses. This union is cemented by the great apostate. ” {7T 182.2} Read Rev. 13:3.

This is happening right before our eyes, are you ready? Do you have an experience with Jesus that can endure such a crisis? In recent news media coverage, the former Israeli President just reported where he believes all of this is leading and what will be necessary to stop the overwhelming massacres. Notice his words, “given that the United Nations has run its course, what we need is an organization of United Religions,” Peres said, as “the best way to counteract these terrorists who kill in the name of their faith.”

“What we need is an unquestionable moral authority who says out loud, ‘No. God doesn’t want this and doesn’t allow it,’” he said.

I wonder what religion the former Israeli President had in mind that could unite the world? And I wonder who he had in mind as the moral authority? Well, if one reads the recent article one does not have to wonder (simply unbelievable but very prophetic). The following is a brief quotation of what he said as recorded by the catholic news service:

“In an exclusive interview with Famiglia Cristiana, the 91-year-old former two-term prime minister of Israel said he wanted to establish an international body representing the world’s major religions, as a moral force able to intervene in conflicts. “Peres said Pope Francis would be the best person to head such a world body because “perhaps for the first time in history, the Holy Father is a leader who’s respected, not just by a lot of people, but also by different religions and their representatives.”

“In fact, perhaps he is the only leader who is truly respected” in the world, said Peres, who was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1994 with Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Premier Yitzak Rabin. Peres said the United Nations and its peacekeepers “do not have the force or the effectiveness of any one of the pope’s homilies, which can draw half a million people just in St. Peter’s Square alone.” – Messengers of Light Ministry.


2 thoughts on “Is there any prophetic relationship between ISIS, The Pope, and the time of the End?

  1. Unfortunately, the land is covered with gross darkness and the inhabitants have become as blind as “moles” who’ve grown used to living in the dark. As for our leaders, as it is said, “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”. That also would be an accurate description of the false leader, Pope Francis who may be considered an “intellectual”, but who regularly pumps out misinformation, disinformation and flat out lies to those with no eyes to see or ears to hear who hang on his every word. .


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