Good or Evil?

00When I was younger, about 12-13 years old, I used to hope and pray Christ didn’t come then. I wanted to grow up at least into my twenties so I could enjoy some adult life before Christ comes.
There are people today who wish Christ would hold on until they have enjoyed all there is to enjoy in this world, and then will convert and would be saved. I can totally relate because I used to want that too: even at the point when I knew the truth about most things, I shut my eyes and followed the world because I thought I was well informed so I knew exactly when to pull back. But the truth is, if you die in the world, where lies your fate?
When we are further from the Lord God and so deep into the world and things of the world, we are more or less the devil’s puppet; he uses us which ever way that pleases him. Satan doesn’t care about our lives, all he wants is for us to be further from the Lord God. He knows majority of mankind wouldn’t (even though some would) directly worship him. And so he gets us to compromise, he is totally okay with a compromise, he doesn’t care if we mix truth and lie; because truth + lie = lie. There is nothing like half-truth, something is either true or false. He is the master of deception, and all he wants is to hurt The Most High. He doesn’t torment us because he wants to hurt us, no! it’s because he wants to hurt the Lord God. He knows how much The Most High loves us (regardless of our iniquities). There is a much greater struggle going on, the struggle between good and evil that has been going on since the very beginning (creation).
The devil even offered Christ the world if He would bow down to him. The audacity! Satan has nothing to offer us but pleasures of the flesh. Would we rather lose our soul over some car or house?


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